BLC Halloween

blchalloween_1351626358311_n.jpgIt's our favorite time of the year!

SAM HAIN! All hallow's eve! Tonight: Haunted houses (including the shitty 8th grade catholic school church basement variety) Forbidden movies! We have scary stories and creepy audio (yes! Both!) A cryptic message from Tony's dad. Silent (but deadly) films. Nosferatu! Lon Chaney! An in-depth look at the "the Unknown"! And the horrors of awful french vampire comedy!

This episode features; "La Llorona" read by Lori Gomez. She's all over the interwebs including Music: "Moya" by godspeed you! Black emperor "The Mewlips" by JRR Tolkein. music: "maximum black" by Bohren and der club of gore


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